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Guard Your Calf with Calf Compression Sleeves

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People wearing calf compression is something that you would commonly see these days in many gyms and exercise environments. However, they aren’t the only ones benefiting from the improvements and aid that these new garments offer.


First and foremost, one should acknowledge that these are really for everybody. The many benefits of compression gear have been popular with the mainstream for quite some time now, and many companies have eagerly embraced the rising popularity of these simple but effective garments.

However, there are people who might find it necessary — for medical or other reasons, in fact — to wear specifically-designed compression sleeves. Compression garments have long been prescribed for people with particular ailments, long before they became a modern fashion and fitness trend.

Primarily, people who suffer issues with their leg muscles, particularly the potential for deep vein thrombosis (DVT) or blood clots in the legs, can benefit from wearing compression sleeves. While some medical sources challenge the supposed effectiveness of compression garments, many users with acute deep vein thrombosis acknowledge that wearing this gear helps them. Deep vein thrombosis can affect people who have to lay in bed for some time, usually as part of a post-surgery recovery phase. It can also occur in people who have to sit for long periods, such as those who drive long distances for a living or travel on plane flights a lot, usually also as part of their work. Inactivity for long periods of time can lead to the risk of blood clots in the legs, which would produce considerable discomfort and pain. Of course, activity — specifically standing for long periods — can also lead to discomfort, which is why people who stand for long periods as part of their job tend to also seek the benefits of compression garments.

Other people at risk of this issue, who may benefit from wearing calf compression, are those taking hormone replacement therapy or birth control medication, as well as pregnant women or people with a family history of deep vein thrombosis — there are genetic clotting disorders that may be passed on.

There are other maladies that would lead people to wear compression garments such as calf compression sleeves. These include venous leg ulcers, varicose veins, or edema or leg swelling. Those with problems in their blood circulation are usually also recommended to give compression garments a try.


But why would all these people need to wear calf compression and sleeves to set their bodies right? How do these garments actually work?

First of all, when blood flows through the body, it has to cycle through the veins and go back to the heart before going out again. This process is called circulation and is facilitated by the parts of our intricate circulatory systems. This flow must be continuous in order for the various parts and regions of the body to receive properly oxygenated blood, and for no buildup to occur. When something gets in the way of this flow, blood can pool in our veins. This can be brought about in the legs by inactivity, such as long periods of lying down in recovery, seated in a car or plane seat, or standing at a terminal or counter. This can also be brought about by other factors such as venous insufficiency, preexisting circulation issues, and genetic disorders. This pooling of the blood in certain vein areas can lead to venous clots, which would lead to more complicated issues.

By design, compression garments squeeze (compress) the body parts on which they are worn. This results in pushing blood flow onwards, allowing blood in the veins to return to the heart with improved efficiency. The compression can also improve lymph flow, keeping the lymph fluid from simply bathing the cells in the legs and not cycling out properly (or failing to even get there to begin with).


The benefits already seem pretty clear. Even though medical studies conflict at times regarding just how verifiable the benefits are, many users agree that there is at least a greater degree of comfort and ease when they wear compression garments like calf compression sleeves.

  1. Primarily,  these are known for improving venous blood flow.  As noted, the very nature of compression garments presses tightly on the muscles and tissues underneath, improving blood flow through the veins. This benefit has long been understood but is gaining wider mainstream acceptance, as senior citizens aren’t the only ones who want to wear compression gear nowadays. While once it was just ugly rubber compression hose for older people, these days there are many fashionable and classy designs that are worn for workouts as well as for everyday use.
  2. The improvement of venous blood flow allows for the reduction of blood pooling in leg veins, and thus also reduces the risk of blood clots in the veins. While varicose and spider veins are themselves already undesirable and enough reason to want to wear these, blood clots are even more problematic. Just as well, these can help decrease swelling in the legs that can be brought about by pooling blood in the veins.
  3. Some compression sleeves are lined with copper, which brings that metal’s age-old healing properties to the fore. Copper infusion is believed to help reduce leg pain, as well as promote muscle recovery. Beyond these already impressive benefits, a copper infused calf compression sleeve can act as a thermal stabilizer, warming and steadying the calf during work, a walk, or a workout.

To know more about calf compression sleeves, click here.

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