Compression Socks: 4 Major Benefits Could surprise You

We have certainly heard of so many benefits of compression. Doctors not just prescribe their patients to wear them but even some doctors who have problems with joint and muscle pain wear them not just for accessory but for other reasons. Here are 4 major copper compression socks benefits that encourage most people to use them:

compression socks benefits

1. For Travel

Compression socks are best for travel because of the walking and waiting in the airport that you do, plus the flight which can take up to 18 hours if you are going to the other side of the world. Compression socks are recommended for people who travel abroad, not just the elderly but people who have a pre-existing problem with their legs like edema and the like.

Wearing compression socks during long flights will help your legs have proper blood circulation. While movement is constrained during long flights, your compression socks will work for you. Less movement during travel can lead to heavy legs, swollen feet and ankles, and other leg pains. Because this type of condition is common it has been coined “Economy Class Syndrome”.

compression socks benefits

2. For Running

The opposite is true for running, there is tons of movement and the leg is strained as compared to just sitting on plane waiting for touchdown. Compression socks are best for runners because it helps the leg recover from the hard work of the race as quickly as possible. A snug fit knee high socks are meant to increase circulation and reduce lactic acid build up.

Without proper gear, or bad gear, running can be a pain on the ankle, feet, legs and your whole body. You name it! Bad socks can unevenly cover your legs and circulation of blood is not properly promoted. It can even cause chafing. Compression socks are moisture wicking and help legs perform better during a run.

compression socks benefits

3. For Crossfit

Just like running, Crossfit puts a lot of strain in your legs. But unlike running strain is felt by the leg not on a regular constant pace but sudden movements, stretches and pulls. The benefits that you get from compression socks are practically the same as that for running. Compression socks lessen the instances of cramps and help your leg recover faster from the leg strain.

compression socks benefits4.  For Pregnancy

In pregnancy, the case is different. The major benefit that you get from wearing compression socks during pregnancy is that it can prevent you from developing varicose veins. According to statistics, 30% of women who are pregnant for the first time develop varicose veins. This is according to the Swiss Medical Weekly. Women who are pregnant are also prone to DVT or Deep Vein Thrombosis.

Because of pregnancy, there is increased blood volume especially during the third trimester of the pregnancy. Pregnancy also causes hormonal changes that increase blood coagulation. Blood clotting is a possibility.

Compression socks help legs stay healthy during pregnancy especially during the third trimester.

The Miracle of Compression Socks: How it Works

Compression socks are mainly associated with improving circulation in the legs. They are usually prescribed for people with leg vein issues. The snug fit of the compression socks encourage proper blood flow. Because of different reasons, some experience slow down of blood flow especially in the leg area. In some cases even blood clotting.

compression socks benefitsCompression socks are prescribed to prevent blood clotting in the leg, especially if you have various veins or after surgeries, especially in the interim period of recovery when one might be less active. If you’re living an active lifestyle and engaging in a lot of exercise as a result, you’ll want your circulation to be consistently good – this can help keep the limbs strong and moving well, and possibly even adjust to strain better.

Still wondering how compression socks work? This may help it make sense: compression socks involve graduated compression in its design. Because of this, the varying degrees of tightness along the length of the compression sock, blood flow is improved. The compression decreases as the sock goes up the leg. This allows for better circulation that doesn’t get pinched off by the tightness of the compression sock.

There are also designs which give additional convenience, like wicking away moisture, and focusing on cushioning. Some designs focus on length and others on added compression.

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