Putting Copper Compression Sleeves to the Test: Do they Really Work?

A lot of people have been wearing compression garments for their sport of choice. Back in the 1980’s people wore cycling shorts inside their actual basketball shorts when playing the game. Football players wear compression pants when playing. Gymnasts wear tight spandex clothing for maximum flexibility. Compression sleeves are seen on many athletes, tennis players and more. But do compression garments really help athletes? How does copper compression work and what benefit does it give to people in sports?

What Does Compression Do

Among the notable benefits of wearing compression sleeves are the following:

  1. It helps relieve muscle and joint pain
  2. It speeds up muscle repair
  3. It prevents muscle stiffness and soreness
  4. It improves venous return and oxygenation to the muscles
  5. It helps shape the body

Different Types of Compression Garments

  1. Neoprene – this type of compression garments are also known as polychloroprene. It is a kind of synthetic rubber that comes from the polymerization of chloroprene. It exhibits chemical stability and maintains flexibility. It can be used for a wide variety of applications which includes sleeves for the knee, wrists and the like. It provides ample compression on injured muscles and joints but can be heavy when sweat is accumulated. It does not wick sweat but absorbs it.
  2. Spandex – this type of compression material is also known as lycra or elastane. It is a synthetic fiber that is known for its exceptional elasticity. It is more durable and more stretchable than rubber. Just an FYI, it got its name from the words “expands”. It is an anagram of the word and it caught on and became more famously known as spandex ever since.
  3. Copper-Infused Spandex – CopperJoint has manufactured different kinds of compression garments for both athletes and non-athletes. The material used in the garments is 88% copper-infused fabric and 12% spandex. The material is a product of sports science that gives benefits to the skin, improves mobility, performance, and relief. All CopperJoint products are infused with copper which emphasizes adding organic copper complex Cu++ and Cu+.

Why Wear Compression Sleeves?

Compression garments are pieces of cloth that provide support for the area where it is worn. A common example of compression garment people wear on a daily basis are socks. These are primarily useful for people who stand for long periods of time to help with blood circulation, athletes in different sports, and even people with arthritis. People should wear compression garments to prevent further injuries, relieve themselves of muscle pain and help reduce the swelling.

CopperJoint has manufactured compression garments for the knees, ankles, elbows, and calves. The company visions itself as the main provider of compression garments for different targeted areas.

In recent times, there has been a surge in the popularity of copper infused compression clothing. As affirmed by the Environmental Protection Agency, copper possesses natural properties beneficial for the skin. The fusion of copper in compression clothing not only offers support but also aids in improving blood flow, making it effective in helping relieve pain and reducing inflammation.

Studies have shown that compression therapy provided by items like compression socks can potentially enhance oxygen transport to muscles, aiding in muscle recovery after rigorous exercises. The Tommie Copper brand, alongside others like Copper Fit, have been at the forefront of this innovative meld of copper and compression technology. Their aim is to harness the benefits of copper compression to reduce soreness, ease pain, and improve muscle recovery

However, some skeptics argue that the benefits might just be due to the placebo effect, underscoring the need for further study. But one cannot deny the numerous testimonials and growing body of evidence supporting the efficacy of copper infused compression gear. The pain relief and support it offers is undeniably felt by many.

So, whether you’re considering compression gear for its support, pain relief, or the potential skin benefits, it’s worth noting that combining the advantages of compression and copper infused materials could be the future of athletic recovery wear. Plus, with an increasing awareness of holistic approaches to health and the intrinsic value of natural minerals in aiding recovery, copper infused compression products are paving the way for a revolutionary fusion of nature and science in athletic wear.

The Big Question: Do Compression Sleeves Really Work?

YES! They work in so many different ways. But you should not rely too much on the effectiveness of compression sleeves to give you ultimate healing. If you are wearing compression sleeves for the purpose of preventing further injuries, the compression will help with the swelling and muscle and joint restriction. If you are wearing compression sleeves to improve athletic performance, the compression will make the muscles and joints less prone to injury. As a body shaper compression also works.

But then again, compression sleeves are not the end-all of joint articulation. They are supplemental garments that promote overall healing. The copper-infused garment together with the compression effect of the garment promotes better performance, prevents further injury.

The CopperJoint Compression Sleeve Advantage

Among other manufacturers of sleeves for sports and the like, CopperJoint has taken the technology even further for maximum benefits.

  1. Anti-Slip System – it has the anti-slip system that ensures your sleeve stays always put, no matter what you do. The only sleeve with a DOUBLE silicone anti-slip wave on Amazon. Do not be fooled by imitations.
  2. Anti-Odour and Anti-Bacterial – active Copper is extremely efficient in eliminating odors caused by microbes; made of 88% TOP QUALITY COPPER Infused Nylon, we guarantee you will have the HIGHEST CONTENT available. [our fabric still kills >99.9% microbes after 40 times wash, proved by international testing report]
  3. Thermal Stabilizer – breathable high-performance fabric keeps an optimal joint temperature. Anti-Itch UPF 50+ material, it’s ergonomically designed for the full range of motion, superior comfort, and mobility without chafing & irritating. Perfect for any Tommie, Dick, and Harry!
  4. Moisture Wicking – easy to wear, our light, soft unisex elastic brace keeps you dry and comfortable even with long use and makes it easier to be worn all day throughout the night.
  5. 100% Money-Back Guarantee – your satisfaction is CopperJoint’s top priority; CopperJoint CEO and CO-Founder said, “Because we believe in the quality of our products, we think you should be given the chance to try us out without any risk. In the unlikely event that CopperJoint doesn’t meet all of your needs, we’ll refund you the full purchase price * No Questions Asked *”

Still Not Convinced with the Effectiveness of the Garment?

Here are some testimonials from satisfied clients on Amazon:

I just received my product, I chose this item for my husband who has very bad knees from being in the military. He put it on and found it to be very comfortable, and didn’t have to struggle to put it on which has been a problem with other knee products. The quality of this product is outstanding, very good quality material and stitching, the sleeve also has a very attractive design and look to it so wearing it with shorts still looks great, not bulky or unattractive as some can be.” – From Daisy Maggie.

Received this Knee Sleeve as my husband started to complain about his knee bothering him again. He has had 5 surgeries on his knee and finds himself often with swelling and discomfort. He was little iffy about trying it, but 24 hours later was thanking me. He drives a lot which puts a lot of pressure on his knee and using it just for a day, the swelling has come down and so did the discomfort. He was impressed. We have tried a lot of compression knee sleeves, and they mostly do not help and cause more swelling. This was not the case. Guys, you just earned a new #1 fan. “ – From Silvia.

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