Top 12 Ways to Keep Healthy Bones

Do you have healthy bones or do they creek? Finding it hard to up and down the stairs? Sore muscles after a game? Most of us will feel these problems age 35 and up. But these symptoms of aging can be prevented. Most of us don’t realize that maintaining healthy bones and muscles is easy as 1-2-3. Before you get to the point that you really can’t move because of bad joints and the only solution is a hip replacement, knee replacement surgery and the like, make sure that you do everything you can to keep your bones healthy as early as now!

Why do we need to ensure healthy bones as we age?

Bones are very crucial part of our body that not just serve us well during exercises and games but play important roles like protecting our organs and providing structure to our body. The bones store calcium which we need in our daily activities.

Our bones are our gateway to a healthy life. Having healthy bones will allow us to do ALL the physical activities we want. If we have unhealthy bones, we are prone to injuries. If our bones get less calcium that the recommended daily dose, our bones easily deteriorate.

Running, jumping, sprinting and other physical activities are only possible with healthy bones. If you have an injured ankle or an injured knee, all these basic moves you can be painful in the joints and can be the reason for you to stop your sport.

So, before you experience all these joint and muscle problems, the best thing to do is do everything you can to prevent the problems. Here are 12 simple ways which can make your joints healthy. Some are obvious tips which you might have already been doing. Some are just right under your nose which you have not noticed.

Take note of these 12 healthy bones important tips:

  1. Exercise REGULARLY – This should be very obvious. A lot of people who have healthy bones are those who exercise regularly. Those who spend at least 15 minutes a day with stretching, running or walking are people who keep their bones healthy. Working out is good for the bones because you put the body in moderate pressure forcing it to form bones and make it stronger. Exercise maintains bone-mass density. Some people exercise but not regularly which is dangerous for your overall physical health because it is like forcing your body to respond to heavy physical activity after resting for a very long time.
  2. Keep Moving – If you can’t do heavy workout because of injury or a busy schedule, being physically active is the way to go. A simple physical activity like walking up and down the stairs for 15 minutes or walking 30 minutes in the park is enough to keep your bones healthy. If you haven’t had any heavy exercise for a very long time, start with walking and jogging before doing those heavy weight lifting exercises.
  3. Keep a Balanced Diet – Keeping a balanced diet helps create new bones. It also keeps our body strong. How do you know that you keep a balanced diet? Colorful foods are usually those which are healthy. Minimize on eating food which are high cholesterol and high sodium.
  4. Smoking and Drinking – Drinking too much alcohol causes bones to weaken. With regular alcohol consumption the bone’s ability to absorb calcium is also lessened. Smoking also weakens the bones in the same manner. Over consumption of alcohol can even lead to osteoporosis.
  5. More milk and Cheese – Instead of drinking alcohol and smoking, try dairy products instead. Cheese and milk are foods which are rich in Vitamin D and calcium which the bone needs to be healthy.
  6. Drink Supplements – Drink prescribed supplements if you cannot tolerate foods like cheese and milk. As you grow older you should consider taking supplements more seriously. Before taking any supplements though, consult your doctor first. Over consumption of calcium can be bad on the kidneys. Make sure you get a prescription before taking any supplement.
  7. Consult Your Doctor – Before taking any medicine for your ankle joint pain, your hip pain, or your knee pain, make sure you consult a doctor first. As you age, the bone grows and deteriorates as well. Know what options you have to keep your bones healthy.
  8. Reduce Cola Consumption – Although cola with ice can be the best drink in a hot summer day, you should lessen the consumption of cola. According to a research conducted by Everyday Health, drinking too much cola reduces mineral density of the bones. Cola drinks contain phosphoric acid which is bad for mineral density of the bones.
  9. Check Your Weight – A heavier you is harder on the bones. Keep a check on your weight. Overweight will make your bones bear too much pressure which raises the possibility of fractures. If you think that being underweight is safe on the bones, think again. Being underweight also raises the risk of fractures. Your body should have the right nutrients to keep your bones healthy.
  10. Pass on Salt Please! – Salt is the flavor of the earth! Almost all foods need salt to taste but salty foods cause excessive secretion of calcium. This means that your kidneys can take as much damage as your bones become weaker.
  11. Avoid Inflammatory Foods – These types of food can lead to osteoporosis according to a research conduction by Everyday Health. Certain vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, eggplant and mushrooms can cause bone inflammation. Reduce consumption of these types of food to avoid weakening to bones.
  12. Wear Compression Garments During Exercise – If you have an injury or start to feel that your bones in your knees, ankles or elbows are already acting up on you, wear compression garments on affected area to help you with your sport. Compression on the affected joint and muscle helps with restriction of movement and better blood circulation.

It is never too late to try to keep your bones healthy. It also is never too early to try preventing your bones from getting weak.

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