This Summer Solstice Find Time For Yourself

The longest day of the year has arrived — whether you feel like the day drags into eternity or you enjoy soaking up every summer minute of the solstice — why not make sure you use the extra time to take care of yourself? Studies show that investing time in yourself every day gives you a better chance to live up to your full potential.

So why is it so hard to put ourselves first? We give ourselves the short end of the stick when there are so many pressures to meet expectations at home and work – and no one is making sure we set aside time for ourselves. So guess what — We ignore our needs since no one is holding us accountable to meet our personal expectations.

Don’t let yourself slip into oblivion. Why?

Taking care of yourself avoids burnout, prevents stress from breaking down your mind and body, and recharges your energy, helping you focus and aim yourself in the right direction.

Here at CopperJoint, we’ve discovered 3 Easy Ways to Take Care of Yourself:

1. Practice Healthy Habits

Make time to eat healthy foods and get enough sleep. Your body needs proper fuel to work at optimal capacity each day. While treating yourself to scrumptious junk food or skimping on sleep might sound like a good idea, your body thinks otherwise since it requires essential nutrients and adequate shut-eye to function properly. Reward your body with plenty of healthy foods and pillow time.

2. Do Something You Enjoy Every Day

See your friends to build your sense of belonging, get out and enjoy a show, work in your garden, or take time to enjoy a hobby like painting or reading. Give yourself the added bonus of finding ways to relax through meditation, yoga, massage, or taking a walk. Don’t let yourself feel guilty taking time to care for yourself. You’ll quickly realize how vital even a few minutes carved out for yourself each day can be for your soul.

3. Exercise Goes a Long Way

Even just 15 minutes of walking will give you an extra boost to help you recharge. Don’t worry if you are struggling with painful joints or recovering from an injury because our CopperJoint copper-infused compression sleeves can help you speed recovery, provide relief from inflammation and arthritis, and enhance your performance. Start living to your full potential today. Your body will thank you. Start planning now to take care of yourself every day.

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