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9 Ways to Prevent Soreness and Fast Track Your Injury Recovery

How Do You Recover Properly? If you’re alive in the modern era, never mind if you were born before or […]

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5 Ways to Prevent Plantar Fasciitis and Chronic Heel Pain

The foot is one of our most constantly-used body parts that is made up of far more moving parts arranged […]

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Avoid Ankle Injuries With 12 Low Impact Exercises

Ankle injuries are almost always part of an athlete’s life. When an athlete gets an ankle injury for the first […]

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Natural Healthcare: Rice, An Effective Ankle Sprain Remedy

Life is too short, and moves at too fast a pace, to be sidelined for very long with an ankle […]

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Acupressure Solutions for Ankle Pain and Muscle Problems

Our bodies are mechanical wonders – this is something we’re growing to understand more and more as the years progress, […]

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