Fast Knee Pain Relief with Knee Compression Sleeves

Can a knee compression sleeve really give you relief from knee pain and speed your recovery after a knee injury or surgery? The simple answer is YES! The long answer gets a little more complicated – especially if you’re wondering how a small band of material wrapped around your knee like a sausage casing has anything to do with knee pain relief.

Welcome to the Knee-Pain Club

If you’re experiencing knee pain, welcome to the club. Knee pain is unfortunately very common from arthritis, exercise, running, injury, or surgery. However, knees are tricky creatures when it comes to alleviating pain.

Believe it or not, knees need a full range of motion for the knee joint to heal, but guess what? When your knee is in pain, they protect themselves by swelling up and limiting knee movements. Thus begins the knee Catch-22. How can you properly heal if you can’t move your knee? Here’s where knee compression sleeves work their magic for knee pain relief.

How does a Knee Compression Sleeve Work?

A compression knee sleeve helps reduce swelling, which allows you to achieve full range of motion. In order to get into the nitty-gritty details of how knee sleeves work for pain though, you need to understand how blood flows through your body, impacting your muscles, joints, and tendons, including your ever-so-delicate knee joints.

First of all, compression sleeves dilate your arteries so your blood gets extra oxygenated blood flow to the blood vessels in your knee — vital for reducing your pain. Next, the knee compression sleeves can support your muscles to help reduce shock and vibration so you don’t experience muscle fatigue during your workouts. Lastly, compression garments help increase your circulation, which may help flush away some of the byproducts of workouts, such as lactate, which can reduce inflammation and sore muscles.

So what does that mean for your knee? Simply put — you’ll finally experience knee pain relief faster so you can get back to your normal activities pain-free.

What’s the Difference Between a Brace and a Compression Sleeve?

There is a huge difference between a knee brace and a knee compression sleeve. A knee brace supports your knee after an injury and projects the knee joint ligaments from further injury. A knee sleeve helps your knees during everyday activities such as running, jumping, and weightlifting.

Why are They So Tight?

To get the benefits of compression sleeves, they must be tight and worn for several hours at a time. So yes, your knee is going to feel squished and perhaps a bit uncomfortable, but not for long. You’ll get used to them and then, you won’t mind at all because you’ll finally experience knee pain relief!

Where Can I Find Knee Compression Sleeves?

CopperJoint offers a host of four-way compression sleeves for your knees, ankles, wrists, and every major pain point in between, enhancing performance, speeding up recovery, and providing knee pain relief. Even better, the copper-infused material is naturally antimicrobial and anti-biofouling meaning it kills 99.9% of microbes and doesn’t stink. For more information on how they work, check out this video:

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