Don’t Fall into Painful Habits

Need joint pain relief? Most of us do for one reason or another. But some of us need it for the wrong reasons. While others suffer from injuries and chronic issues, a large percent of the population suffer from joint pain simply because of bad daily habits.

What causes joint pain? Simple, everyday routines are the culprits and we have narrowed down the top 7.

  1. Being inactive. If you live a sedentary life, you are in jeopardy of having joint pain. Your body was made to move. When it’s been stationary for too long, your muscles and tendons weaken, reducing their support for your joints and putting you at a higher risk for injuries from even the most minute tasks.
  2. Not exercising. This is different from simply not leading a sedentary life. It means getting up and doing intentional workouts, designed to increase your body’s overall strength, health, and performance. It’s pushing you beyond the day to day and keeping your body in shape. It doesn’t mean you won’t experience pain from working out, but, when done correctly, it’s the good kind of pain. Working out the right way will actually help your joint pain relief.
  3. Poor posture. All those times your mother or piano teacher told you to sit up straight and there you are, hunched over at your desk! They would be ashamed of you. But in all seriousness, poor posture is one of the top reasons people experience joint pain. When your body is out of alignment, your whole skeletal system is at potential risk of injury. It’s not just your back that can get out of whack, but your shoulders, neck, arms, hips, and so on. Tension from poor posture can also be linked to certain types of headaches.
  4. Being overweight. You are more likely to suffer from preventable joint pain if you are overweight. If you are concerned about your weight, please talk to your doctor about how best to get started on losing weight. Don’t put it off. Exercising and losing some extra weight will do wonders to help with joint pain relief.
  5. Moving incorrectly. We promote working out, but we also advocate doing it the right way. Whether you’re working out at the gym or simply lifting a box, you must be mindful of what your body is doing at all times. One wrong move can set you back and cause unnecessary pain.
  6. Keep the bad things out. Did you know that nicotine restricts blood flow, reduces calcium absorption, and prevents new bone growth? This leaves smokers with an increased risk for brittle, fragile bones and joints, and slower healing after injury. While smoking isn’t the only bad habit to avoid, it is one of the top harmful things you can put into your body.
  7. Not putting enough good things in your your body. For bone and joint health, be sure to get enough calcium and vitamin D in your diet. Also, herbs like turmeric, cayenne, sage, clove, and cinnamon can help keep inflammation at bay, which will reduce any joint pain you may have.

Even before you have mastered cutting out the bad habits, we recommend adding in an important good habit. No matter where you go, don’t forget to wear your compression clothing. Compression sleeves, socks, and gloves are made to help support your joints. If you want joint pain relief now while you work on changing your habits, order here and then pat yourself on your back for doing something good for yourself.

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