Muscle Problems, Joint Problems – oh My. Time for Pain Soothers

Do joint and muscle problems come with age? It is most likely that people who are in their mid 40s will have joint and muscle pain because of the lifestyle that they have had. For the more active people during their youth, joint and muscle pain comes even earlier. It is common for almost everyone to have problems with their joints BUT the difference is the timing these joint pain acts up on them. BUT, these problems DO NOT necessarily come with age.

If you move your joints too much, it will have problems. If you move your joints too little, you will also have problems. The key is balance.

Muscle Problems and Joint Problems – Get the Facts

Statistically speaking, 27 million Americans are affected by joint problems, specifically osteoarthritis. Half of the whole population of America over 65 is diagnosed to have arthritis by their doctors. Women have more chances of getting this rather than men. On the other hand, gout is more common for the male of the species. But men and women alike suffer commonly from muscle problems.

These are the most common joint problems in older people:

  1. Calcium Pyrophosphate dehydrate crystal deposit Disease.
  2. Fibromyalgia
  3. Rotator Cuff Problems
  4. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

What Happens to Your Joints?

Joints are damaged by arthritis, injuries, other diseases and accidents. Any type of damage to the joints can cause it to stiffen, cause pain and swelling and immobility for some. The most extreme course of action for a damaged joint is joint replacement. But this drastic measure will dig deep in your pockets. This will certainly cost a lot of money. Before you reach this stage of your joint problem, try everything in your power to remedy joint pain with other natural methods. A knee getting replaced with a prosthetic knee is the last thing everyone needs.

Handling the Pain that Comes with Your Joint Problems

A joint problem only becomes a problem when you feel pain. You will usually not complain about it when there is no pain or discomfort. Most people will ignore the pain and try to walk it off if it’s bearable. “Walking it off” is not the solution to ANY joint problem. That is definitely how one should not handle the pain. Drinking pain killers also should not be the first course of action. Instead, the first step is to definitely have it checked by a doctor. Follow doctor’s orders and drink prescribed medicine.

AND before things get worse, check out these natural pain soothers that might help relieve you of your joint discomfort:

Muscle Problems and Joint Problem Pain Soothers that You Find in Your Kitchen:

  1. Ginger – Ginger does a great job to fight swelling and pain. It also works really well in tea and other dishes. Even if you are very sensitive to the taste of Ginger you can gradually add small amounts of it to your food.
  2. Peppermint – Peppermint inhibits nerves that react to pain. Drinking peppermint tea is the best way to take it.
  3. Turmeric – This has been used as a pain reliever since time immemorial. It is used as a natural relief to fight inflammation, repair tissues, relieve pain detoxify and improve overall joint health. They are very powerful natural pain killers. It can also be used as a tea.
  4. Apple Cider Vinegar – This helps relieve arthritis and other joint mobility problems. Put 2 teaspoons in a glass of water and take it as a drink before meals. You will notice relief in your joints in no time.
  5. Garlic – Garlic has been used as a pain killer especially for toothaches, ear infections and arthritis. Simmer 3 crushed garlic cloves in olive oil for 2 minutes. Strain. Refrigerate for 2 weeks. Pre-warm garlic before gently rubbing in the affected joints for a quick relief.
  6. Honey – Mix honey with cinnamon and take it in a warm cup of water. Take it regularly to relieve arthritis symptoms.
  7. Cherries – These fruits are a great weapon against inflammation and pain. Tart cherry anthocyanin helps relieve pain in the muscles.
  8. Magnesium Rich Foods – magnesium rich food can help build muscle strength. But certain foods like almonds are not good for the joints which mean that you have to choose which magnesium rich foods are good for you

Understanding Muscle Problems and Your Pain

Creaky and achy joints and muscle pain are not always part of growing old. It is not part of a normal life as we age. It can be prevented with the right intake of food, exercise, supplements and medications. Having a problem in your joints is indeed a serious problem, but can definitely be avoided.

Dr. Raymond Gaeta, MD, the director of pain management services at Stanford said that pain is not only the experience of hurt but affects life in general. He further said that with the pain that most people have, the first thing that they resort to are pain killers and not doctors. “People need to talk to doctors”. Understand the pain more by letting the experts diagnose you properly.

Dr. Robert Hoffman, MD from UMMSM stressed the importance of getting the right diagnosis and understanding your condition properly. He said “There are about 100 different forms of arthritis which is why getting the correct diagnosis is paramount before taking any medicine or treatment.”

Expert Advice from CopperJoint

Before taking any of those liver abusive pain medications, consult the doctors first. If your joint pain is causing too much discomfort already, another tip is to relieve them by natural means which will not be bad on your liver. The only people who will give you the right diagnosis regarding joint problems are specialists. Make sure you consult one immediately.

** Disclaimer: The above natural remedies are not the solution to joint pain problems but are supplements to alleviate your joint pain. It is also good to consult with your doctors how these natural pain soothers are helpful for you.

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