Injury Recovery – Knee Compression Sleeves Prove Valuable

You don’t have to be a major league athlete to injure your knee. Sometimes, it’s about a quick pivot or a seemingly minor fall that can create damage. Knee joints are prone to injury because generally, we use our legs every day, putting all of our weight onto our legs (and knees) and the movability puts it at risk when there is the slightest erroneous displacement. With support from Knee Compression Sleeves injury can often be avoided or healing time truncated. Read on and learn more.

When a knee is injured, there are many reasons why it is so painful and difficult to walk on, however the biggest reason is because it is swollen. When joints become swollen, they lose their range of motion, making them almost impossible to heal on their own. Knee compression sleeves, however, allows for full range of motion of the knee, by reducing the swelling and limiting the pain. With the aid of the sleeve, the individual will feel confident in their ability to walk without causing more injury to the knee because the sleeve holds it all neatly in place.

Swelling is the body’s first response to injury. It is caused by the inflammatory response, which happens when tissue is affected by things like toxins, heat, trauma or even bacteria. The affected cells release various chemicals like prostaglandins, histamines, and others, which cause blood vessels to discharge fluid into tissues – in other words, swelling.

Benefits to Healing

When your knee is injured, there is a natural tendency to stay off your feet and not walk on the bad knee. Immediately after an injury, the leg should be elevated and ice applied to the injured area. However, without full range of motion of the knee, which swelling will not allow, the knee won’t be able to heal properly.

Orthopedic doctors encourage wearing knee compression sleeves after an injury and after surgery, to bring the swelling down. Once the swelling has abated, and full range of motion has (mostly) been regained, the individual is now free to perform knee strengthening exercises that will lead toward recovery with less pain.

Knee sleeves can be worn outside of the physical therapy realm, as well. As the individual with a knee injury recovers, the sleeve may be worn during everyday activities and it will further reduce swelling, pain, and stiffness.

Knee Compression SleevesHow it Works

The key to this healing is in the compression. With the sleeve firmly in place, it gently squeezes to encourage blood flow to that area, and most specifically, to the point of injury. With increased circulation, more oxygen is being carried to the injury, helping to speed recovery time. It also enables the filtration process of lactic acid to take place, in and out properly, so that it doesn’t build up. Wearing a sleeve while recovering from surgery or an injury will also lower your risk of aggravating the damage and possibly injuring it again.  

Wearing Sleeves Properly

The right fit for you is of the upmost importance. While snug is ideal, you don’t want the sleeve to feel as though it is cutting off your circulation. With so many different body sizes in the world, be sure to see which size would fit you best. A good rule of thumb to go by is that if the sleeve is nearly impossible to put on, it is likely too small. And, if it is too loose, it won’t stay put and will slide down your leg.

Beyond Injuries

While knee compression sleeves will work well to help treat a knee injury once it has taken place, keep in mind that it may also help prevent one from happening in the first place. The NFL is looking at knee injury prevention as they are aware it is vastly critical. Also not all are created equal so consider knee compression sleeve reviews. If you are someone who enjoys being active with hiking or running, or virtually any other type of movement-based activity, wearing compression sleeves can help keep the knee in place (no micro movements), it will boost blood circulation to the area, thereby allowing proper oxygen and lactic acid filtration, and it will reduce pain and stiffness for a more satisfying and less-fatiguing activity session.

Knee Compression Sleeves Valuable for Many

It might take a knee injury or actual surgery to bring your attention to the many benefits of wearing a compression sleeve; however, it’s important to note that there are many reasons to wear them, in addition to injury recovery.

  • They help with aiding in weight loss. If you are cycling away the pounds or walking them off, a knee compression sleeve will allow you to feel more invigorated for longer periods of time.
  • People with arthritis benefit from wearing knee sleeves because it helps to control pain and swelling.
  • For those with diabetes who wish to keep the swelling under control, consult your doctor for the best fit.

Wearing a knee compression sleeve, not just in the case of an injury or post-surgery, but also to help maximize your efforts with weight loss and pain management, is a valuable and trusted method that has been recognized for years.

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