the Perfect Workout Wardrobe For your Active Lifestyle

These days it’s more important than ever to be active, if only to counteract the potentially unhealthy effects of the rest of our lifestyle. Even the less active among us have elected to include simple cardio into their lifestyles with jogging and walking, or perhaps playing simple competitive sports that require a lot of movement. Even aerobic and dance-type workouts have come back into vogue, with both individuals and groups getting in on the act. From compression garments to the notion of the perfect workout wardrobe, fit and fashion are in!

Workout Wardrobe – What to Wear to the Gym!

Of course, the more adventurous or active can take things a level further and plan more detailed, more rigorous workouts that put them in more challenging situations. Some try weights, while some try a variety of exercises that focus on different parts of their body in order to get a more holistic workout. The self-esteem benefits have been written about extensively here and there, and the health benefits almost need no introduction. Exercise has become such an integral part of modern life that we’ve even gotten around to fine-tuning the attire we wear when we go work out, and not even from a purely fashion-related perspective.

The Perfect Workout Wardrobe – What to Wear?

This might seem a bit unexpected as a topic of focus – most of us who’ve gone to the gym just throw on a shirt and gym pants that are loose enough to be comfortable but classy enough to prevent social discomfort. Many people don’t put a whole lot of thought into their workout clothes, although it could be argued that they would benefit a lot from doing so.

What should one consider about selecting their workout wardrobe? Here are some tips on what to wear to the gym and how to choose workout clothes.

  • Functionality. There’s no point in picking the most colorful, popularly-branded bit of fabric if it chafes, or keeps you from moving well, or has too much stuff on it that gets in the way of your workout. Pick something that is unobtrusive and doesn’t sacrifice effective use for the sake of a gimmick or two. For that matter, while you’re trying them on, make sure to stretch a bit and see how far they can go without straining or tearing – make a note to avoid outfits that seem like they’ll wear out quickly. You’ll be stretching them a lot with all the moving around your workout will require of you, so pick something that is nice and opaque and that returns to its original shape consistently after being stretched out. At the end of the day it’s the gym, not a fashion runway, so don’t be too concerned about fancy designs. You do, of course, have to wear these in front of other people, so make sure to pick something you’re comfortable with too.
  • Multifunctionality… as needed. This might sound contrary to the first point, but if your needs truly do call for a built-in phone pocket in your workout clothes, then don’t skimp. The ladies might want to pick a top that offers enough solid support that they can use them in the gym during their Pilates workout and then wear them outside without calling for a whole workout wardrobe change (or vice versa – reducing time in the dressing room). Again, while looks aren’t the be-all end-all, picking an outfit that you wouldn’t mind being seen in might have more benefits than drawbacks as long as the appearance doesn’t override the functionality as a top priority.
  • Appropriateness for the type of workout. One size does not necessarily fit all in this case. Yoga will call for outfits that hug your form – and stretch comfortably enough to allow you to do the same. On the other hand, if you’re up for a cardio workout like a few laps on the treadmill, pick something with enough support to keep your body in place for the high-impact running. Ladies would most likely be better off with a shelf bra tank as well as a sports bra, for instance. Weightlifting workouts will also call for support, especially around the legs, but pick outfits that won’t reduce your range of motion. You’ll need to get your limbs and body into very particular positions for this sort of workout.

Improve Your Workout with Athletic Compression Wear

One type of workout outfit that is gaining prominence these days is the compression outfit. There are compression tops and compression pants, as you may have seen while shopping around for an outfit. These may be expensive due in part to their rising popularity and due in part to their construction, but they may serve a valuable purpose in your workout as well. Of course, some tend to favor compression outfits because their tight fit almost makes one look toned by default, but the practical benefits are there as well.

One of these potential benefits is the supposed increase in proprioception, which pertains to an awareness of the body’s positioning in space. The way the snug-fitting compression gear encloses the body tightly makes us keenly aware of where it is and how it’s moving, which arguably results in more efficient movement. This efficiency has been alleged in some cases to reduce the number of muscles that are tapped to drive movement and work, ideally resulting in reduced fatigue as well. While compression clothing isn’t for everyone – some people feel uncomfortable at the sensation of being squeezed from all sides – it might be worth a try for one or two particularly high-intensity workouts.

CopperJoint Compression Garments

CopperJoint compression garments are available for purchase through Amazon. Jon Deal, CEO and Co-Founder of the company has designed, together with the experts, different compression garments which can be used for focused areas like the knee, calf, ankle and elbow. Beyond just being fancier, tighter spandex, compression outfits are designed to be tight on your body to promote circulation during activity. Among other things, this can even help reduce post-workout soreness that one would otherwise tend to feel.

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