Top Nutritional Foods for Fortified Injury Recovery

How Your Body Recovers from an Injury

We have previously discussed injury recovery and timelines. We have shared how in about 6 months you will be able to recover from a knee injury by following specific programs set by your physical therapist. Recovering from a knee surgery, elbow surgery or any other type of invasive procedure can take a toll in your physical health and psychological health. There will be always that fear of getting re-injured. Aside from that your physiological make-up will not be the same again. You might have the best doctors in the world but reality wise things will not be 100% the same.

But, do not fear. You can achieve 100% recovery even if you cannot restore your joint health to its former stature. You will be able to achieve full range of motion, strengthen injured area, go back to the sport you love and do a lot of physical activities you have been used to do before. In as early as six months you will be able to do all these.

The usual recovery period for you to go back to your normal activity is between 6-9 months. Some recuperation takes more than 9 months but if you wish to be back in your feet and be your “normal self” again in no time then refer to the previous article, PLUS this article as well.

Best Supplements to Improve Injury Recovery

It is not just good to eat the above mentioned foods for injury recovery but also take useful supplements which are great in helping improve the body’s healing. It is advised that you take in supplements 2-4 weeks post injury so that you can speed up the healing recovery.

Vitamin A, C, Copper and Zinc are the best supplements to help you heal faster.

Workout Nutrition When Exercising

Once your body is recovered from the injury you can start working out and introduce your body to simple exercises and sports. But sometimes, nutritional foods for injury recovery can be confusing so let’s try to make it simpler.

An Ectomorph meal should use their “own hand” to measure a portable portion of food instead of counting calories. Palm for protein, fist for veggies, cupped hand for carbs and thumbs for fat. A Mesomorph Meal should include dense food protein, vegetables, carbs and fat. An Endomorph mean should add dense fat because of the body make up.

With this type of food intake, you can improve on health and speed up injury recovery at the same time. That’s hitting two birds with one stone. Motivate yourself not just to heal faster from an Injury but at the same time make this point in your life as a chance to make yourself healthier.

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