Acupuncture 101: Help Relieve Your Severe Joint Pain

Joints connect bones. They make movement possible. Any damage on the joints interferes with movement and will cause severe joint pain. The most common conditions that cause joint pain are osteoarthritis, bursitis, gout and sprains. In adults, knee pain is the most common complaint. As a person gets older, joints become more prone to injury, and in some cases severe knee joint pain which doctors recommend to have surgery. Use this self-diagnosis symptom checker to know how serious your knee joint pain is.

Severe Joint Pain – Modern Medical Fact:

People who have severe knee joint pain are only given one option by doctors: Knee Replacement Surgery. If you are thinking about getting knee surgery, think twice. There are other options.

Your Other Options…

There are so many ways you can ease severe joint pain. You can choose from different over the counter prescriptions like aspirin and ibuprofen. There are stronger medicines like Cox-2 inhibitors but can be purchased only with prescription. These modern day medicines provide relief to all kinds of pain. But high doses and continuous intake of pain medications may cause liver damage especially in the long run. If you have chronic knee pain, you will have to manage it for life. There are also topical agents like liniments which you can apply on the affected area. There are also modern day garments like compression sleeves, knee supports and braces to help you with your movement and flexibility.

But one effective traditional way of how to get muscle and severe joint pain relief, which has not been forgotten, is ACUPUNCTURE.

“I was skeptic about acupuncture at first. I trusted my aspirin to do the job, but I just can’t wrap around the idea that I will have to take pain killers for the rest of my life. After the injury, it’s a constant popping of pills. So, I have a friend who knows a friend who have tried acupuncture. SO… I tried it out. After a couple of weeks of sessions I was surprised that my pain started to go away.”

“I will not try it. I do not trust acupuncture. It’s like taking a placebo pill. If I were to choose an alternative medicine, I’d go for ointments.”

“The insertion of needles sometimes stimulates the body to respond to the damaged area, flood it with endorphins and the bodies own chemical healers. Scientific if you take all the mumbo jumbo meridian stuff away.”

“I have had problems with pins and needles and numbness in my hands since Christmas. My doctor sent me to the Physio and he suggested acupuncture. After six weeks of treatment I am free from the problem. The doctor diagnosed a completely different solution but I did not need it afterwards.”

Mixed Opinions!

These are mixed reviews about acupuncture to effectively severe joint pain and common knee joint pain ailmentsNot all people like acupuncture arthritis treatment. Not all people believe it. For some people it is effective. Some really stand by it. Whatever the case is, you should be the judge of it.

Acupuncture vs. Modern Day Methods

Acupuncture is frowned upon by some doctors. But more and more medical practitioners have accepted the effects of it in patients; and have in fact incorporated it with modern day medicine. The new developments in acupuncture therapy has made the science community accept using acupuncture for joint pain relief not just as analgesic but curative therapy for patients.

Does Acupuncture Really Work for Severe Joint Pain?

Dr. Adrian White of Plymouth University England conducted a study on acupuncture. 100 elderly people who have severe chronic knee pain were asked to participate. Most of the elderly who participated in the study were advised by their doctors to have knee replacement surgery. After the 2 year study, there were increased in mobility and less pain in the patients who participated.

According to this study, it does not just work to relieve severe pain, but most importantly cure patients from their condition. To check out the full article, click here.

Is Acupuncture for Me?

A lot of people fear the needle. But would you prefer a surgery over small needle pricking your skin? You will never get to know the effectiveness of this procedure unless you try it. You can read reviews left and right but unless you consult a specialist about it, you will be left in the dark. You always have the ball in your hands when it comes to relieving yourself of severe joint pain. You can choose modern medicine, you can choose traditional medicine or you can choose both.

Bottom line is to relieve yourself not just of the severe pain you feel but the try to improve your lifestyle by eliminating the pain in your knees. To further manage your pain, you can check out this eBook. There are good tips that can help you live a pain free life. If you are considering this Asian secret of acupuncture over a knee surgery consult a specialist now to take that next step.

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