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3 Proven Ways to Get Rid of Heel Pain Before It’s Too Late

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3 Proven Ways to Get Rid of Heel Pain Before it’s Too Late

Heel Pain Problems Are Real

One of the most common problems that we have when we age is pain on your foot, either it be heel or toe side. It turns out that you should have taken care of your foot a few years back by standing less, wearing the right shoes or relaxing more. You might be saying to yourself: “I should have taken care of my foot when I was younger.”

Why ask this question now? It is never too late to start things right. It is of prime importance to take care of your foot not just because it is part of your body but because you need to walk on a daily basis; either it be small trips to the kitchen, a long walk in the park, playing your favorite sport or whatever activity that you have to do that needs you walking. Only when it is too late that you realize, you should have taken care of your foot. But is it really too late or is there still proven ways to relieve the pain on your foot.


Here are the most common types of heel pain:

  1. Heel Spurs (or plantar fasciitis)
  2. Heel Bursitis
  3. Heel Bumps

Different Causes of Heel Pain

The heel is the part of the body which is designed to absorb the body weight impact. In short, it carries us throughout our mobile activities. Walking, running, jumping and undertaking different forms of physical exercises makes our heels endure much weight. When pain develops on the heel it can be very disabling and can affect our overall posture.

Pain on the heel mostly occur when there is a mechanical injury caused by small but repetitive injury on the heel that the body cannot take because it does not heal as fast as it repeats the injury.

Heel Pain can also be the effect of lower back problems or joints that are inflamed. The question still remains: If you feel the heel pain now, is there still a proven remedy to help you live a more comfortable life.

Do These Things Now Before It’s Too Late

  1.  Elevate 

Gravity takes a toll on our bodies. Unless you live on a zero-gravity environment then, this would not be your problem. But whenever you have the chance to have your foot to relax, do it! Elevate when sleeping at night. Elevate your foot while watching TV. It takes off the pressure from your feet. This is a natural way of letting your body know that you are taking care of it.

  1. Wear Proper Foot Gear/Shoes

Shoes really matter! You should wear a pair of shoes that are not just for fashion but most importantly for comfort. Try googling “lotus feet” and you will understand how shoes are very important not just to your heel but to the overall health of your foot.

Aside from shoes, one of the best foot gears right now are the ergonomically designed orthotics insoles infused with copper. These are probably the best heel pain relief in the market that give not just instant relief but all-day comfort.

  1. Lose Weight

Lose weight! Let your heels relax from the weight of your body. By losing a couple of pounds, you give your body rest from strenuous walking or running. Losing weight not just removes the pain from the heel but also gives your joints better overall health.

Do try these tips out and you are on your way to a better lifestyle. 

To know more about orthotics insoles visit this site: Click here.

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