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Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or an elite athlete, you might have felt pain and ache spring up in your hand. Too much pressure on your hand can cause arthritis, wrist tendinitis, or carpel tunnel syndrome. The best option, in this case, is to get a thumb compression sleeve to alleviate the burden from your thumb to your wrist.

A thumb compression sleeve reduces aches and pain in your wrist and thumb. Wearing a thumb brace will provide your wrist with ample support, which improves blood flow. Many physical therapists and athletes recommend wearing thumb compression sleeves.

However, finding the right compression sleeve will always be subjective, since you want to find one that ideally suits your hands and wrists. But if you’re struggling to make the right choice, CopperJoint is just what you need. Our durable and supportive thumb compression sleeves can help relieve pain and improve thumb movement.


We have a policy at CopperJoint to provide our loyal customers with various features so that there’s something for everyone. We take especially great care in developing our copper-infused thumb compression sleeve, to make it suitable for everyone.

1. 3D Stitching

Some thumb braces or compression sleeves can cause irritation and itching in the skin. This often makes people want to stop wearing a compression brace altogether. But when they stop wearing the protective brace, they are more likely to develop severe problems and intolerable pain.

Keeping this in mind, we used 3D stitching or smart stitching to prevent any itchiness and is significantly more durable than others available on the market. This new stitching technology creates a breathable compression sleeve that offers maximum comfort. With this thumb brace, you can now wear it 24/7 without worrying about irritated skin.

2. Moisture Resistant Material

If you’re into sports or like going to the gym for a workout, you know how either of those activities becomes harder with a brace. In that case, you’re aware of the difficulty that comes with wearing a compression sleeve while indulging in these exercises. The regular sleeves are more likely to get moist because of sweat, which can loosen the material. It makes your skin feel itchy and affects your performance.

The CopperJoint brace uses excellent moisture-wicking technology to prevent moisture from gathering in the brace. The absence of moisture allows the brace to create adequate pressure, simultaneously removing any irritation. Now, you can wear this while exercising or doing house chores, and they won’t tear.

3. Natural Copper

In our CopperJoint recovery thumb brace, we included natural copper in the compression sleeve. Since a brace usually traps moisture in its fabric, it can trap bacteria and increase the risk of infection.

Copper makes this thumb compression sleeve more durable, eliminates the risk of accumulating germs, and keeps the pressure up to par even after years of use. This copper composition keeps the brace warm during chilly weather and vice versa. It keeps your hand at a perfect temp to help it better help.

4. 360 Compression

The CopperJoint brace’s unique design builds pressure from all sides of the brace. Other thumb compression sleeves cannot maintain this pressure after several cleaning cycles and extended use. If the brace isn’t applying pressure from all sides, then you will not heal as well. You might even struggle with your daily tasks since you can still feel an ache.

This development in our compression sleeve also refers to as 4-way compression. It allows the brace to strategically hold an adequate amount of pressure without compromising on healing.

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Now that you know our product’s features, let’s list down some of the benefits of using our thumb compression sleeve.

1. Pain Relief

Feeling pain in your hand after a long day of typing, exercising, or playing sports is natural. You are more likely to feel the ache in your wrists and the conjoining area of your thumb. Without a proper brace, you are at a much higher risk of developing carpel tunnel syndrome, arthritis, or wrist tendinitis.

Our thumb brace eliminates all chances of developing these conditions. They boost blood circulation in the hand, lowers muscle soreness, and infuse warmth in the area. Slipping on the sleeve almost instantly offers relief from the pain and reduces your chances of developing these issues.

2. Fast Recovery

Speedy recovery is precisely what a thumb compression sleeve provides. Although there are plenty of ways to help with pain and muscle soreness, none would give you a healthier and faster response than a compression sleeve.

At CopperJoint, we offer the solution to varying aches in your hand. Through our years of experience, we know how to design a brace that improves functionality, boosts recovery, and heals aches better.

3. Ideal for Multiple Conditions

Our copper-infused thumb compression sleeve prevents severe conditions like arthritis and wrist tendinitis. Or if you already struggle with one of these issues, then it helps alleviate the pain and stops it from getting worse.

You should wear this if you have arthritis, muscle tendinitis, carpel tunnel syndrome, or signs of consistent pains in your wrist. Putting on the brace offers almost instant relief. And when you’re performing a task, it won’t get in the way. The natural copper composition prevents odors and germs from gathering in the sleeve.

Bottom Line

Thumb compression sleeves boost blood flow and prevent inflammation, allowing your hand to heal better. Our signature thumb brace provides you with maximum protection and multiple health benefits. CopperJoint also crafted this brace while catering to all the previous complaints, offering a product dedicated to helping you heal.

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