Lynn “Capt’n Crush” Ray Sets 2 World Records in the 2016 Golf Fest

Lynn Ray, AKA as “Capt’n Crush” has set 2 World Records in the 2016 Golf Fest Show held in Longbow Golf Club Mesa, Arizona. Capt’n Crush is an 8 time Re/Max World Long Drive Finalist and an Arizona State Champion Winner Seniors 2014 long ball 412 yards. These are only some of his accomplishments. But one of the most notable highlights of his career is setting a Guinness World Record back in 2012 for Most Golf Balls hit over 300 yards in 1 hour. He hit a world record of 272.

A Swing For the Guinness Record Books Has Stirred Excitement in Phoenix

Golf Fest returned to Longbow Golf Club Feb. 12-13 where attendees received a free round of golf, tested out all of the latest clubs and enjoyed free clinics. Among the highlights of the event is not a local concert but the World Records set on the green fairways. Golf Fest, in its 7th year in Phoenix, has exhibited a variety of activities including free golf clinics by PGA pros, a trick shot exhibition and a long drive clinic. (Full Story:
Here are Capt’n Crush’s 2 World Records:

  • Longest golf carry backwards (below 1,000 meters) – 294 yards 1 foot 4 inches

  • The most Golf Balls Driven in One Hour Full Swing. Lynn did set this one at 1090 balls. This is not an official Guinness Record.


CopperJoint Sponsors Lynn “Capt’n Crush” Ray in the Golf Fest

In Capt’n Crush’s attempt to set world records in golf, CopperJoint took great pride in sponsoring him in his endeavour. On February 13, 2016, he was able to set 2 world records and we were able to interview him regarding his training and experience. Our correspondent Chuck Johns was able to ask him a couple of questions.
Here is how the interview went:

Chuck: Can you tell us something about yourself?
Capt’n Crush: I’m a Long Drive professional with a couple of Guinness World Records.

Chuck: What made you join this event?
Capt’n Crush: The first World Record I set in 2012 was the most golf balls hit over 300-yard in one hour. It was broken a year later. Golf Fest has asked me to try to reclaim this World Record. They also asked me to set 2 other World Records in all 3 of their Golf Shows, Phoenix, San Diego and Las Vegas.

Chuck: When did you start training for this event?
Capt’n Crush: I started training for this event back in November 2015. My training routine is 2 days a week swinging the Air Pro Swing Trainer for 75 minutes about 1000 swings, hitting golf balls 1 or 2 days a week for 90 minutes, about 700 balls, 3 days a week doing 1 hour of cardio, also 1 hour of upper body mainly arms.

Chuck: Wow! You really trained hard for this event?
Capt’n Crush: I certainly did. It is no easy feat, after all.

Chuck: With regard to our product, how did you find out about CopperJoint Sleeves?
Capt’n Crush: One day after I finished working out. I was putting Icy Hot on my elbows; they really started hurting with all of the swing and heavy workouts. A man started to talk to me about what I was doing and about my training. He told me about the Copper Joint that he uses for his knees, and how great it was. He told me “it’s not a miracle but it works miracles” so I went and order one.

Chuck: What are your thoughts about the CopperJoint elbow compression sleeve?
Capt’n Crush: The first time I had it on while I was swing the swing trainer I could not believe the difference. I would keep it on for a few hours after training. It really made a difference.

Chuck: How long have you tried it out and what is your verdict?
Capt’n Crush: I have been using the CopperJoint elbow compression sleeve for a couple of months now. I only need to have it on if I’m working out or swinging my Golf clubs. My elbows still get a little sore, but they don’t hurt anymore. It is a great product and I won’t hit another Golf ball without it on.

Chuck: In setting the world record, where you able to reach your goal as you expected?
Capt’n Crush: I believe I have. I have set a world record in the most Golf Balls Driven in One Hour Full Swing. I did set this one at 1090 balls. This is not an official Guinness Record. I also set the Longest Golf Carry Backwards (below 1000 meters ) I set this one at 294 yards 1 foot 4 inches. This is a Guinness World Record; although I came short on the most balls over 300-yard.
There are two more legs of this Golf Fest event, one of which will be held this weekend, March 4-5 at Riverwalk Golf Club in San Diego then on May 6-7 at TaylorMade Golf Experience in Las Vegas. To follow the event click here.

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