Fast Track Your Joint Surgery Recovery With These Top Tips

Wondering how to recover from your ACL surgery faster? If you are planning to have a surgery done on any of your joints because of an injury or a chronic pain that you have experienced for so long, you will most likely be referred to a physical therapist to have you recover fast. Rehabilitation is key to make you recover faster than usual. A lot of injuries happen to joints because of sports, lifestyle, trauma and other circumstances. According to the American Orthopaedic Society, joint surgeries are becoming more and more frequent because of sports related injuries. A reconstructed ACL, a torn meniscus a grade 3 knee tear are some of the most common injuries that need surgery.

When it comes to a specific timeline of joint surgery recovery it usually takes about 6-9 months of physical therapy before you can fully recover from a joint surgery. When recovering from a general surgery, you cannot speed it to less than six months but you can make recovery less than 9 months. After 9 months an ACL surgery can be fully recovered but there is also the psychological aspect which can contribute to overall healing process. You cannot force the mind to think that your injury is already healed. There is what you call the “fear of getting injured again.” Especially if you are into sports, you will always have that fear of re-injury once you get back to playing again.

To top it all off, according to statistics it is common for athletes to reinjure themselves after a surgery. Injury can occur in the same ACL or the other ACL. However if you have a good rehabilitation program in place and follow your physical therapist. Do not overdo your exercises and do not put too much stress on your exercise.

Full Joint Surgery Recovery is Just Around the Corner

In about 4-6 months you should be able to increase the strength of your quadriceps and improve your stamina with endurance and proper balance. Exercises that you can do during these months include 2 mile jog, biking outdoor, 100plus step ups and step downs, shuttle runs and suicides. You can start with your basketball shooting drills, tennis and golf but do not bring your muscles to fatigue as you might be at risk of reinjuring yourself.

In about 6-9 months you should be cleared by your PT and your surgeon to get back to competing in the sport you love. If you are not 100% recovered you are most likely near that range. You should continue with all your exercises and once fully recovered continue with the strengthening program for your legs for at least 3 weeks.

Well, congratulations! You are now on your way to a complete recovery from a surgery.

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