Tried & True Remedies To Decrease Pain & Increase Function From Wrist To Ankle

There’s a worldwide assumption that pain is just a part of life. We feel a responsibility to debunk that myth. We’ve put together a series of guides to help relieve joint pain from the inside out. From head to toe we have you covered. Follow these simple guidelines and start feeling better today.

Finger, Hand and Wrist Problems and How to Treat Them

Common Hand Problems And How To Use Compression Gloves

The hands, wrist and fingers are all crucial parts of the body in performing various tasks – picking things up and setting them down, writing, steadying ourselves against a wall or similar surface – as well as for exercising. Pushups, pull-ups, weight training, and even running involve the arms to some extent, and the first three directly require good use of the hand, wrist and forearm.

Free Report On Compression Socks Therapy

Common Leg Problems And How To Use Compression Socks

Even the less young and active among us have taken to taking up walking and jogging more regularly, as well as one or two lower-impact but high-cardio sports like squash or badminton. While some might argue that these trends are no different from what type of pants is in this year and won’t be in come the next, it could also be argued that fitness is here to stay.

Wrist Joint Articulation

Common Wrist Problems and How to Address Them

Try to imagine this: You are a practicing dentist for 5 years, your hands are your assets in this field and suddenly you twist it the wrong way. You went to the doctor and found out that you have something worst, you have what doctors call a carpal tunnel syndrome. Well, you can’t argue with your doctor but you have to remedy your situation. What should you do?

Beat Your Ankle Pain Now

Know Doctor Approved and Athlete Tested Ways to Properly Treat Ankle Problems

If you want a healthy overall physical body, you must have a stable active joint performance. Joints are very important for athletes to perform well. Even non-athletes should try to have top notch performing joints so that they can walk properly, run when needed and become less prone to injury when playing sports. Of all the joints that we have that we need to be in top notch performance, it is our ankle joints that are should be given much importance to function well.

Elbow Joint Management

How to treat your elbow injuries to achieve full recovery

Picture this. You’ve got a nice, active lifestyle going, and you go about your day without giving a second thought to whether your body is functioning as it should be – because it is. Not a difficult thing to think about, really, since that’s what we do – one could argue that this is all we do – every day. We go about our lives, working and eating and interacting and such, without needing to worry about how well parts of our body are functioning or whether they might be in need of maintenance or care. This is absolutely not out of the ordinary, given that most people don’t need to worry about such things.

How to Permanently Stop your Knee Pain

Even if you've tried everything else

We rarely stop to think about, let alone appreciate, how our joints work. Seems like a no-brainer given how often we use them on a daily basis – try even getting out of bed without your fingers to prop you up, your wrist to angle your hand to do so, or your knees and ankles to take your weight as you move from lying down to sitting to standing. But the interaction between the many parts of each joint to facilitate such movement is something surprisingly sophisticated to many of us who often take it for granted because it’s such a commonplace part of our lives.

Sports Injuries

How to identify, treat and prevent them

Do you want to enjoy playing a sport, but are afraid of suffering a debilitating injury that could cause you years of pain? Are you ready to get started on your journey to becoming a skilled sportsperson who remains free of injury? Yes? Then let’s get started! All too often a budding sportsperson will rush right out for a weekend of fun and sports, sign up and start playing an energetic sport without waiting to find out just what they should do to prevent injury.

Natural Arthritis Relief

The secret to reversing rheumatoid arthritis

Did You Know That Herbs and Spices Have Been Used to Treat Rheumatoid Arthritis Successfully for Thousands of Years?… Do you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis? Would you like to know which herbs & spices naturally reduce inflammation and pain? ‘Treating Rheumatoid Arthritis with Herbs, Spices & Roots’ is a short report which shows you where to start.
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