Compression Socks for Restless Legs: Long Copper Compression Socks

Do you feel restlessness in your legs? Do you feel discomfort when participating in physical activities like walking? We understand that uncomfortable and twitchy sensations in the legs can be painful. They can prevent you from completing basic household chores, let alone going to work or the gym.

Fortunately, there is a way to get rid of this problem or at least manage it. CopperJoint’s long compression socks can provide ease, relax your legs, and reduce pain and soreness. Incorporating our socks into your routine can be a life-changing decision for you.

Features of CopperJoint’s Compression Socks

CopperJoint’s socks are thoughtfully designed using the results of various studies to offer users promising benefits. Here are some features that you will enjoy with our amazing product.

1. Ergonomic Design

We have ergonomically designed our long compressions socks that make them easy to pull on and pull off. Hence, you can move around and easily engage in physical activities without worrying. Plus, our socks don’t slip or cause a tight feeling.

2. Different Sizes

If you want to overcome restlessness in your legs, you need socks that perfectly fit your legs without being too tight or too loose. Therefore, we offer Compression Socks in more than two sizes, S-M and L-XL; we also offer wide calf sizing, 2XL, 3XL, and 4XL you can get them here: Plus Size Long Copper Compression Socks

Different sizes allow you to find socks that are ideal for you. Since you can choose an option that’s closer to your size, you don’ have to worry about discomfort while wearing these socks.

3. Medical-Grade

Our engineers, manufacturers, designers, and other experts have met safety and quality requirements in designing these socks. Since our compression socks are medically graded, they provide comfort and protect your feet, calves, and heels.

These features also play a great role in offering you the results you are looking for. It helps athletes, trainers, or others prevent injuries and pain while performing strenuous and challenging activities. Also, there will be no risk of soreness, muscle strain, or muscle pull.

4. Copper-Infused

Wondering why our socks are different from others? Well, CopperJoint’s compression socks are one of a kind. This is because we infuse our socks with copper, which makes them durable and resilient, allowing you to use them for several years.

Thanks to these features, you can wear them throughout training, during a 14-hour flight, or to walk for long hours. The copper composition in the socks promotes healing and eliminates pain. Not to mention, it adds a classy look.

5. Anti-Odor

Sweating can promote the growth of fungi and bacteria that can cause bad odor and foul smells. We offer socks that keep you cool in hot temperatures, warm in cold temperatures, and offer protection from UV rays.

The copper in them will prevent bacterial growth even if you sweat while wearing these socks. If you sweat excessively, this is the best option for you.

6. Anti-Microbial

Generally, socks can boost the development of fungi, viruses, and bacteria due to getting dirty by dust, debris, and sweat. Our copper-infused compression socks have anti-microbial properties. Research suggests that copper can destroy 99.9% of contaminants within minutes. So, you don’t have to stress about bacterial or fungal infections.

7. Perfect for Different People

Regardless of your lifestyle, you can enjoy the benefits of these compression socks. In case you were wondering, even pregnant women, active seniors, medical specialists, athletes, and trainers can wear these socks while performing physical activities. Needless to say, adults of all ages can incorporate these socks into their routine.

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So, what benefits can convince you to get your hands on this unique and effective product? Let’s find out.

1. Promote Angiogenesis

CopperJoint’s compression socks rejuvenate skin and promote the development of blood vessels. This occurs because of the synthesis of elastin and collagen. They augment airflow and enhance oxygen delivery. As a result, you feel relaxed while performing several tasks like running, working out at the gym, or engaging in sports.

2. Enhance Performance

As an athlete, it’s likely that you’re always on the lookout for ways to boost your performance. If so, our compression socks can help enhance your performance while practicing. This way, you can successfully complete your tasks with little effort and energy.

3. Offer Speedy Recovery

There is always the risk of pain and injuries when you involve yourself in demanding and challenging physical activities or exercises. If you are experiencing muscle tenderness, soreness, or pain, don’t worry; our copper socks can offer a speedy recovery. These socks are especially beneficial if you suffer from varicose veins, diabetes, and pain.

4. Stimulate Blood Flow

Our amazing socks ensure that oxygen and blood are continuously flowing throughout your legs, allowing your legs to function properly and gain strength. This helps wounds heal faster and improves performance.

5. Cause No Side Effect

The most important benefit of regularly using this product is that it will not cause any harm to your body. Unlike some medications, you don’t experience side effects when using our product. Also, there are no limitations to its use – it’s suitable for anyone who wants to overcome pain and discomfort in their leg.

6. Offer Pain Relief

It’s common to feel pain in your legs and feet while continuously moving your body, especially if you participate in challenging activities. Our compression socks can help restless legs by reducing pain or eliminating it completely.

Bottom Line

You can find several compression socks in the market. However, not all of them are worth the price. CopperJoint’s long compression socks cover your foot and reach up to a few inches away from your knee. These socks also have infused copper that is not available in any other product.

Besides, there are plenty of benefits of using them, including health, performance, and strength benefits. No matter what activities you participate in, these socks guarantee to give you promising outcomes. So, get yourself a pair of compression socks for a more active life.

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