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ATTENTION: Physicians, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Regenerative Medicine Specialists, Pain Management Clinics, Athletic Trainers & Coaches…

Help Yourself By Helping Your Patients & Clients…

Dear Health Guru,

When it comes to health and fitness—patients, clients & customers—look to experts for advice on which supplements to take… what nutritional program to follow… and what products to use to improve their health and boost their performance.

If you’ve found this page, I’m guessing you may be one of those experts as a medical professional, a personal trainer, gym owner or athletic coach. 

And I want to introduce you to a revolutionary way to help yourself—and grow your practice or business—by offering temporary pain relief to the people who look to you for renewed health or enhanced performance.

Our products have been endorsed by fitness professionals, gym owners, and medical providers just like you—from all over the world. And we have thousands and thousands of satisfied customers, who know us both through our Amazon store and our website.  

But there are more health seekers out there who could benefit from your help and that’s where our unique copper compression therapy products come in.

Hi, Stefano Starkel here. As the owner of CopperJoint, I’ve worked successfully with a number of fitness and health professionals. We’ve developed a superior product that can help your athletes… patients… and clients get the improved life they’re looking for—so they can get out of that chair and stay out—and get back on their feet… back to the gym… back to their triathlon… or just back to the things in life they love most.

CopperJoint manufactures and sells specialty garments for copper compression therapy that provide temporary pain relief directly to the body part that is affected. Compression can give the people who rely on you… relief… and improved performance… and so much more.

But don’t take my word for it… heavy-hitters like the National Institutes of Health have studied the effects of compression garments and here are a few quotes from some of their studies—

  • “… The results indicate that compression clothing is an effective recovery strategy following exercise-induced muscle damage.”
  • “… Analyses of power… and strength… indicate faster recovery of muscle function after exercise.”
  • “… moderate effect sizes were observed in the recovery of maximal strength and power, and reductions in muscle swelling and perceived muscle pain; blood lactate removal; and increases in body temperature.”

Should you read on? 

Answer these two questions and you’ll know… 

Question 1:  Do you agree that anyone who buys pain cream, knee, elbow, wrist, or ankle braces, compression socks, or any similar product, is—

  • In pain, or at the least, real discomfort, and…
  • They’re looking for what will be no more than a TEMPORARY FIX for an underlying problem that would benefit from the kind of professional attention YOU provide.

If your answer is YES – keep reading.

Question 2: If you knew, who in the area you serve, purchased this kind of products, and you had a PROVEN PROCESS in place for them and invite them to your practice, do you agree that at least some of these people ACTIVELY SEEKING PAIN RELIEF, would accept your invitation, and set an appointment?

If your answer to this question is YES, please… keep reading. 

You’re still reading, which means you agree that a patient or client buying a pain relief product is making a veiled cry for help. 

And, you agree that if you can reach people in your area who purchase pain relief products, and invite them to your practice, the outcome for you would be a regular stream of new appointments – made by people with the very problems you treat.

Now for the secret sauce…

There’s a way you can reach people who buy certain pain relief products in your area. And, a FULLY AUTOMATED way they can be contacted, and invited to set an appointment with you. 

And, if you qualify, the manufacturer of the pain relief products——will pay 100% of the set-up cost to implement the program for your practice… and start generating leads. 

When your clinic joins the CopperJoint affiliate program, WHICH COSTS YOU ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO JOIN, your clinic will automatically receive referrals from the website whenever someone in your area buys CopperJoint products online—products designed to get them back into the world or being even better at what they do best.

So—Who Do You Know Who Could Benefit
From CopperJoint…
(Besides Your Practice)?

From folks looking for relief from arthritic joint pain to post-operative healing to sports injuries, to congenital issues/syndromes – CopperJoint products can provide support, healing, and comfort. They can also serve to prevent some injuries. Athletes and high-performance fitness aficionados can enhance their performance using our quality products.

If you’re passionate about health and fitness—and I think you are—and have a patient base or clientele who could benefit from copper compression therapy, I’d like to offer you an easy way to help the people who rely on you… and help yourself—and your practice or business—at the same time—the CopperJoint affiliate program.

When you join, it’s nothing but win-win all the way around… for your patients… your clients… your customers… and you.

And CopperJoint is a brand you can trust. We’ll provide you with all the marketing materials you may need to be successful in your promotion of CopperJoint products.

Your success is linked to our success and we want to help create a partnership that brings relief to your patients or enhanced performance to your athletes… and you can be proud of. I look forward to working with you.

To get started, signup HERE.

To their health… and yours –

Owner, CopperJoint

PS: Whenever someone buys the products from your co-branded website, CopperJoint will pay out a commission of 20% to you and your clinic, so even if the patient just buys a product but does not become a patient, you make a little bit of money. 

PPS: There is no cost to join, there are no inventory to carry, there is no money to handle, there are no returns to process. The products are backed 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. All they have to do is to call the customer service number to request a refund of their purchase directly from the manufacturer.

PPPS: Any patient care/treatment revenue generated for your clinic or business from your participation in this effort is 100% all yours and you do not share that revenue with anyone. Whatever money your patients pay you for treatment and consulting is all your money.

PPPPS: There’s no fee to join the program.

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