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CopperJoint Affiliate Program

Want To Earn Substantial Commissions By Promoting The Top-Level Producer Of Genuine Copper Infused Compression Garments?

Earn 15% commission per sale promoting our products to help your audience alleviate joint and muscle pains

Dear fellow health and fitness Advocates,

I am Stefano, the owner of CopperJoint. Thank you for your interest in our Affiliate Program.

If you are passionate about health and fitness and got several potential audiences, we are offering you an excellent opportunity to make extra passive income by promoting our Copper Infused Compression Garment products.

We have over 10,000+ happy customers and counting. To prove to you this number, you can visit our Amazon store HERE.

Please note, aside from Amazon, we also have happy customers in our website ( So you can just imagine how many people are already using our product).

So Who Could Be Your Target Audience?

Generally, you can target people looking to help relieve joint pain from post-operation, arthritis, or joint-specific complications/ailments.

These people are not necessarily the one that is suffering from these joint pains – they could be very active and healthy but wanted to buy CopperJoint products for their loved ones who are suffering from joint problems, arthritis, and the like.

Furthermore, you can also target athletes and high achievers with a high-performance lifestyle so they can further enhance their performance using our products.

I think by now, you already see the potentials in promoting our superior and quality copper-infused compression products. I just want to let you know that you are in the right company. We will be there with you along the way and provide you with the necessary marketing materials that you may need in your promotions. Just message us and we will gladly assist you in whatever help that you will need in your affiliate marketing campaign.

To get started, signup HERE.

Here Is Why It Is Easy To Promote All Our Product Lines With Confidence:

  • All of our products are backed up with verified reviews on Amazon
  • You are promoting a company whose expertise is in making COPPER INFUSED supports
  • We only use the highest quality natural copper
  • We use highest copper content (up to 6g/kg or 6000 ppm)
  • And we got best price in the market – guaranteed!

What Makes CopperJoint Different From Other Products

CopperJoint garments never use cheaper alternatives, such as copper oxide. Only the highest quality, genuine Copper Ions are infused in our garments to ensure that they perform their duty while you perform yours.

Our products stimulate oxygen delivery to the muscles and augment airflow. This aids with joint and muscle recovery and supports rejuvenating relief from pain and discomfort.

We ensure that we use the highest quality fabric to support your lifestyle.

Whether it is warm or cold on the outside, you will stay comfortable, dry, and odor-free with CopperJoint.

The durability of CopperJoint garments outranks the competition. We produce products that will support you throughout your day with no disruption.

Here’s what our customers have to say

The Bottom Line​

We know that finding quality and effective products to promote is hard. Often the best products in the market don’t convert or pay that much. And the high paying products aren’t the one you feel proud of promoting.

CopperJoint is Different.

Our products are high quality and effective, period. Our customers love them. On the other hand, you can make a nice amount of money by promoting our products as Copper is now getting very popular during the pandemic.

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What tracking software do you use?

We use AffiliateWP plugin tracking functionality. Affiliates can be able to login to their account and see their stats and other promotional materials.

What is your cookie length?

We are using a first cookie policy, and the initial cookie length is 60 days.

What is your payment schedule?

Payments are usually made once per calendar month, one-month in arrears. This will cover our 30-day refund deadline and to ensure that payments are always made consistently.

How long does it take to get approved?

Our approval process takes within 1 - 3 working days.

Is it allowed to purchase through my own affiliate link?

No, we strictly prohibit this. If get caught, you will not get paid of your commissions.

What are other things that affiliates are prohibited to do?

You may NOT:

  • Make misleading or false claims about our products.
  • Reveal any of our demo sites from within the courses.
  • Share any templates or files from within the courses.
  • Bid on any Google Ads for our brand name or product names.
  • Buy or use any domain names with our brand or product names in them


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