Natural Joint Pain and Inflammation benefits Found in Apple Cider

When you have chronic pain, joint pain and inflammation, your lifestyle will definitely change. Things that you were used to doing like your favorite sport, you regular daily exercise and just an ordinary walk in the park will change. It might lessen or you might even quit your favorite sport altogether.

There are other activities that you can do but with inflamed joints, you’d rather stay put and just be on your couch or bed. Throughout time and as we age we our joints also deteriorate. There are 360 joints in our body and each bone connection is as important as the other. Without proper nutrition and possibly trauma, our joints will become less flexible. This will cause inflammation and pain.

Joint Pain and Inflammation Facts

According to statistics about 27 million Americans have joint problems, most of which are affected specifically by osteoarthritis. Half of America over 65 has arthritis. Women have more chances of getting it rather than men. On the other hand, gout is more common for the male.

These are the most common joint problems in older people:

  1. Calcium Pyrophosphate dehydrate crystal deposit Disease.
  2. Fibromyalgia
  3. Rotator Cuff Problems
  4. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Joints can be damaged by arthritis, injuries, accidents and other diseases. Damage to the joints causes it to stiffen, that causes pain and swelling in the affected area. Joint pain and inflammation leads to immobility. The most extreme action for remedy of a damaged joint is joint replacement. But this drastic measure will cost a lot, digging deep in your pockets. Before you have this chronic joint problem, try everything in your power to remedy joint pain and inflammation with other methods. A knee getting replaced with a prosthetic knee is the last thing everyone needs.

Handling the Pain that Comes with Your Joint Problem

Usually, your joint problem only becomes a problem when there is pain that is accompanied by it. You are less likely to complain if there is no pain or discomfort. A lot of people will ignore the pain they experience if its bearable and just try to walk it off. But when it comes to chronic joint pain and inflammation, walking it off is usually not a good solution. Taking pain killers can help manage the pain but it does not really solve the problem. Instead, the first thing you need to do is have it checked by a doctor. Make sure you follow doctor’s orders AND before the pain gets too serious, check out how apple cider can help soothe and help relieve you of your joint discomfort.

Apple Cider Benefit for Joint Pain and Inflammation

This helps relieve joint pain and inflammation, arthritis and other joint mobility problems. Put 2 teaspoons in a glass of water and take it as a drink before meals. You will notice relief in your joints in no time. Mixed with Honey – Mix honey with cinnamon and take it in a warm cup of water. Take it regularly to relieve arthritis symptoms.

Apple cider vinegar is a fermented juice from crushed apples. It contains pectin, vitamin b1, vitamin b2, vitamin b6, biotin, folic acid, pantothenic acid, niacin and vitamin c. It also contains acetic acid and citric acid; sodium, phosphorus, calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium. Honey on the other hand is a syrup made by bees containing potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper and zinc.

Our bodies become acidic because of unhealthy habits. When our body has a low pH level, our bodies are more susceptible to diseases, infections, inflammation, lack of energy and nausea. Fortunately, apple cider vinegar and honey helps alkalize the body. This perfect combination raises the pH level of your blood and tries to bring it back to its natural state.

***This drink is highly recommended for people who experience inflammation, joint problems, problems with digestion, muscle pain and throat problems. What you have to do is drink it every morning on an empty stomach.

Why Apple Cider and Honey is a Perfect Combination

Here are just a few benefits of this mixture: It eliminates joint pain, it treats acid reflux and heartburn, it helps with digestion and constipation, it reduces cholesterol, it lowers blood pressure, it helps weight loss, it eases sore throat, it boosts energy, it eliminates bad breath, and it decreases inflammation.

Aching joints are not necessarily part of growing old. It should not be part of our normal life as we age. It can be prevented with the proper food intake, exercise and drinking supplements/ medications. Having joint problems is indeed not a small thing but can definitely be avoided.

Dr. Raymond Gaeta, MD, the director of pain management services at Stanford said “pain is not only the experience of hurt but affects life in general. Most people have [it], the first thing that they resort to are pain killers and not doctors. “People need to talk to doctors”. Understand the pain more by letting the experts diagnose you properly.”

The above natural remedy can be very helpful for people with joint problems and can help alleviate joint pain. But it is also good to consult doctors on how you can permanently relieve joint pain.

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