Plus Size Long Copper Compression Socks

Our Plus Size Compression Socks are designed for athletes, travelers, diabetics, weekend warriors, and just about anyone else. They help keep blood circulating in your feet and legs, which can be a lifesaver when it comes to traveling. They are also great for people who have to stand all day, not to mention athletes of every persuasion.  Copper-infused, they promote healing, and look and feel great.  

Best of all, our plus size compression stockings are made to last, whether you use them daily in extreme training or will wear them on a 14-hour flight. They won’t sag or droop and will keep your legs fresh, ensuring there’s always a spring in your step. Pick up a pair today – you won’t regret it.

Foot pain not your only concern? No problem. Check out our full product line: Elbow, Wrist, Hands, Knee, Calf, Ankle, Socks, Feet

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Running Copper Compression Socks – 3 Pack

Ideal for runners and athletes, the CopperJoint socks help control the natural shock and vibration associated with high-impact movements, helping to keep tension and stress to a minimum and reducing strain on crucial joints and ligaments.

Unlike inferior products that use copper oxide, the copper ions in CopperJoint’s premium compression socks for runners do more to keep circulation healthy and key muscles supported.

For unmatched comfort and durability, you can count on when it’s needed most, buy the CopperJoint high-performance copper-infused running socks to stay dray and nimble in any situation.

Feet pain not your only concern? No problem. Check out our full product line: Elbow, Wrist, Hands, Knee, Calf, Ankle, Socks, Feet

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Copper Compression Calf Sleeve PRO

There’s nothing like your calves feeling good, is there? With these exceptional Copper-infused compression calf sleeves, your calves will be embraced in healing, supporting warmth. Muscle aches, sore calves, strains, aches, and pains will all feel better as blood flow is improved and healing is encouraged.  You can wear these all day and all night, and your calves will feel like a million bucks, whether you’re running a marathon or spending the day weeding your garden. 

The best part is the high-quality fabric that’s copper-infused with our patented process. These short calf sleeves are durable, lightweight, and won’t slip or bunch up while walking. They’re great for everyday use, and look as good as they feel.

Get a pair today!

Calf pain not your only concern? No problem. Check out our full product line: Elbow, Wrist, Hands, Knee, Calf, Ankle, Socks, Feet

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CopperJoint Wrist Wrap Wrist Brace

Recommended by athletic trainers & coaches, physical therapists, and healthcare pros, supportive copper-infused garments provide fast relief to a wide range of common conditions. 


CopperJoint has taken the tried-and-true solution of compression & support with the added the healing power of all-natural copper, infused right into the material, to deliver a one-two punch to nagging pain and discomfort. 


Who benefits from our unique left hand and right-hand wrist brace? People who need relief from:

  • Carpel Tunnel Syndrome 
  • Wrist Tendinitis
  • Workout related aches & pains
  • Sports induced injuries 
  • Sprains & Breaks
  • Post-Surgical Recovery 


Why Copper?

  • Copper helps eliminate pathogens 
  • Garments properly infused with copper ions help eliminate odor 
  • Better than silver-infused garments that can’t withstand numerous use & cleaning cycles
  • Drug free, chemical free – get the benefits of natural copper ions (Cu+, Cu++) rather than the less effective copper oxide (Cu2O) used in lesser garments.


Regardless if you wear our compression brace as a night wrist brace for support, sprained wrist brace, or a wrist splint for carpal tunnel syndrome, our garment delivers firm support and speeds recovery for a variety of problems & conditions. Our breathable, lightweight, copper-infused material provides ideal support for the thumb, hand, & wrist while wicking away moisture and keeping skin temperature in a comfortable range. 


CopperJoint has taken the proven benefits of typical stabilization & spica splint with infused natural copper ions into the materials at a molecular level to prevent it being rinsed away in the wash. CopperJoint’s unique manufacturing process ensures that you receive the benefits of copper for the life of the garment.

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Copper Pinky Finger Splint

The perfect pinky brace for stiff fingers! Get back on your game with a CopperJoint’s pinky finger splint. The key to good performance is staying comfortable, and with a gentle-yet-firm design, our pinky braces go easy on fingers while supporting them just enough. Our fabric is infused with copper ions.

Our copper pinky finger splint is ready for your every need! We have an adjustable-to-fit design, so you can use with any hand size. You can also flip it to the opposite side and use it with your other hand or any two fingers. It stays in place with easy pull straps that adjust to your specific needs.

Lastly, CopperJoint’s Pinky Finger Splint is the perfect way to get your finger healthy and back to normal again. Made of copper material with neoprene, it is so comfortable and will fit any finger. It’s also durable and easy to clean! Try it out today and see how it can help you!

Pinky finger pain not your only concern? No problem. Check out our full product lineElbowWristHandsKneeCalfAnkleSocksFeet

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