PALEO Diet – 8 Reasons This Can Keep You Healthy

Is Diet Equivalent to Proper Nutrition?

If you think that engaging in physical fitness activities is the only main way to stay healthy these days, you might be missing out on the advantages that other means can gain for you. Of course, this is not a difficult misconception to leap to, as the benefits of more traditional exercise and such are indeed considerable. It’s not hard to imagine that a person might be quite taken with the notion of what they can gain from going to the gym or jogging. This has in fact become so widespread that gym schedules are now quite flexible compared to what they were before, with similarly accessible payment plans to match. People have also started to integrate their workout schedules more tightly into their day-to-day plans.

Is Paleo the Right Choice for You?

However, as any coach will remind you, it’s best to partner this up with a good diet. The most basic benefit, of course, is that a proper diet will complement the workouts by providing you with the nutrition you need to keep your energy up in order to actually complete the workouts. Of course, the other benefits can include a more efficient flow of the proper nutrients to your body, while cutting down on the unnecessary and potentially even harmful chemicals and other materials that would otherwise bog your body down and keep it from functioning as effectively as you’d like. As such, people who would like to stay healthy have taken it upon themselves to pair their fitness efforts with a good diet that matches it.

8 Major Benefits of Paleo Diet

There are many benefits behind the Paleo Diet, some of which don’t become apparent until you’ve actually tried it. As many who follow it will attest, some of these benefits are easily taken for granted until you see what they really mean in practice.

1. Healthier cells. It often goes unnoticed and unrealized, but the body cells of a person who has spent his entire life with a conventional diet are actually loaded with saturated and unsaturated fat, the imbalanced amounts of which keep a person from feeling as good or healthy as they should. Because of the design of the paleo diet, the focus is put on naturally-occuring fat that appears in the food itself, typically the healthy sort like omega-3 fatty acids.

2. Healthier brain. As above, the tighter focus on things like omega-3 fatty acids provide better nutrition overall. Aside from the benefits of helping manage inflammation in the body, omega-3s allow for better brain cell health. These can be obtained from oily fish like salmon or mackerel, as well as from pasture-raised eggs and meats.

3. More muscle and less fat. Since the Paleo Diet focuses heavily on animal flesh, consuming this anabolic protein will allow you to build more and better muscle mass. It’s been established that the more muscle mass you have on you, the better your metabolism will work. Keeping your overall fat percentage low and your muscle mass percentage high will allow for efficient use of any extra energy, which will tend to go to your muscles rather than be stored as fat.

4. Better intestinal tract health. A lot of inflammation and bulk in the intestinal tract is caused by the large amounts of sugar, processed material, and man-made fats we typically consume. Largely eschewing these through the Paleo Diet may even allow you to avoid a common ailment of conventional-diet eaters called Leaky Gut Syndrome, which sees the intestinal walls being breached.

5. Properly eating the rainbow. The Paleo Diet’s content focuses on a wide range of vegetables, fruits, and meats, which will allow you to get a good share of a variety of vitamins and minerals. Because you’re more directly focused on these food types, you can be more sure that you’re getting your potassium, folic acid, dietary fiber, vitamins A and C, and other nutrients.

6. Better selection of sources. Part of the design of the Paleo Diet is an understanding that the body processes certain nutrients differently, such as fructose. As such, it will recommend foods that are easier to process – to get fructose, for instance, you’ll be directed to skip the banana and instead have a kiwi.

7. Fewer allergens. Part of the design of the Paleo Diet involves recognizing that people have developed certain allergies to things, but that there are plenty of alternatives. If one is allergic to seeds or grains, for instance, they can remove these foods for about a month. Furthermore, the diet recognizes that different needs call for different foods, and accounts for that – an athlete, for instance, can benefit from having a cup of oats now and again.

8. Less inflammation. A lot of the food associated with increasing the likelihood of things like arthritis is outside the Paleo Diet, which will instead point you toward foods that can reduce inflammation, like fish rich in omega-3s and the like.

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